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Depression | Depression signs |

by Cameron Lorenc

Many of us know people who are depressed and we may wonder whether we, ourselves, are depressed.  These articles are informative. I am available to discuss your particular situation if you would like.

Anxiety, Depression May Triple Risk of Death for Heart Patients


Researcher recommends stress-reducing measures.

Relating To People With Depression Feld Thoughts


Depression is Dark If you’ve never been really depressed, it’s hard to understand what depression feels like. This is especially true if the person who is struggling with depression is someone who looks like they are on top of

Are You Depressed?


Do you think you may be suffering from clinical depression? This simple screening cannot replace an evaluation by a professional, but it can familiarize you.

Depression | Brain Pacemaker | Self-Injury | Vacaction Blues

by Cameron Lorenc Today's articles discuss a pacemaker for the brain?, increases in self-injury behavior, and dealing with the blus following a vacation. WGBH/Boston – WGBH News – Could A 'Brain Pacemaker' Someday Treat Severe Anorexia http://wgbh.org/Mar 11 Depression And Anxiety Could Be Fukushima's Lasting Legacy. Many people who get anorexia recover after therapy andContinue Reading

Depression | New Moms | Violence

  by Cameron Lorenc Depression can be devasting. There are two articles today that discuss it in new moms as well depression and violence and anger. Kansas.com – Study finds higher rates of OCD in new moms – Wichita Eagle http://www.kansas.com/7h ago A new study could help determine whether postpartum depression is its own disease.Continue Reading

Depression | Depression and Axiety after Preganancy |

  by Cameron Lorenc Some interesting stories about depression here, including a report that anxiety may be more common than depression after pregnancy.   Do you know your facts on depression? – Stevenspointjournal http://news.google.com Do you know your facts on depression?StevenspointjournalFalse: Children who develop depression often continue to have episodes as they enter adulthood. 2.Continue Reading

Depression treatment | teen depression |

  by Cameron Lorenc Here are some slide presentations concerning depression which can affect everyone and cause relationship problems.  I am available for counseling in Colorado Springs if you need someone to talk to about this.   Mood Disorders:Depression and Suicide Mood Disorders:Depression and Suicide             Brain Chemistry And TheContinue Reading