Change Your Mind - Change Your Life! 44 Keys to a Happier, Healthier Family By Cameron Lorenc

Change Your Mind – Change Your Life!
44 Keys to a Happier, Healthier Family
By Cameron Lorenc

by Cameron R. Lorenc

If you are reading this book to enhance professional goals and responsibilities it will certainly help you become more effective. If you are a parent, this book will give you the support you need in order for you to know you are raising children well and are absolutely making the best parental decisions you can make! Whether you want to be a better parent or a better business professional, just one or two new ideas from this endeavor will make it well worth your time to read it.

“This book reads more like a conversation with a caring friend than advice from an experienced counselor. It is full of clear ideas, examples, and instructions that will help you make effective changes in your personal, family and professional life. It also contains valuable educational information that describes in simple terms how we became who we are –which is amazingly the key to becoming who we really want to be!”Steven M. Argyle


“An informative, inspiring, uplifting book full of great information regardless of your situation in life. The principles taught in this book have changed my life!”
–KJA – Colorado Springs, CO

“I urge you to put this book to the test. Try the process and change a small habit that has been troubling you. Then use your new-found skill to further improve yourself and to help the people you love. You are at the threshold of a better life. You only need to step forward.”
–SMA – Salt Lake City, UT

“Life can move us toward a desire for answers. Wouldn’t it be simpler if someone could just tell us what to do? Cameron has given us answer “Keys” and choices… and hope to make a change! Change is indeed… a choice!”
–JP – Colorado Springs, CO