Relationship Problems | 3 articles |Colorado Springs Counselor


By Cameron Lorenc

Relationships are important and relationship problems can cast a cloud on many other areas of life.  We have three articles today about them. If you need a couples counsler in Colorado Springs, then feel free to contact me.


Teens with Learning Disabilities Benefit from Closer Relationships


Many kids with learning disabilities also face social and emotional challenges, which in adolescence can lead to depression, anxiety and isolation. For these.


Why Do People Stay in Abusive Relationships? – Huffington Post

Why Do People Stay in Abusive Relationships?Huffington PostI scanned down the page, and just below the header, next to Warden's innocently beaming face, I found his offending remarks: "Some people could make the argument that a lot of people like bei …


Family Relationships: Sticks, stones and words do hurt us – Savannah Morning News

Family Relationships: Sticks, stones and words do hurt usSavannah Morning NewsYou may have difficulty recognizing what actually is going on in the relationship due to being yelled at or called names. Verbal abuse causes a type of injury that doesn't …




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