Individual Counseling

Website-Profile-Pic-(Head)A good friend of mine once exclaimed, “Cameron, I just don’t seem to have control over that!”

Honestly, I don’t even remember what it was. The truth is, we do sometimes feel like things are out of control…at least out of our control.

I am dedicated to helping people capture their strengths and build on their potential for a happier and healthier life. As a matter of fact, that is my mission statement.

When it comes to working individually with adults, I can’t change you, but I can help you change you. Together we can investigate the improvements you are looking for. If you take your part seriously, I can help you move forward.

In working with more mature clients, I believe the SECRET to successful individual counseling requires three important elements. You should be truly invested, committed and motivated toward change. When you bring one or more of these vital ingredients to our sessions we will have a successful counseling experience.


Dedicated to helping individuals and families capture their strengths and build on their potential for a happier, healthier life!

“Finally, someone got to the real stuff. It has made such a difference for me.” Ms. NP

“My experience in the Gulf War has taken it’s toll on me and my family. I’m finally understanding and making progress with so many things in my life. I could tell Cameron knew exactly what I had been through.” Sgt. L