Depression | Brain Pacemaker | Self-Injury | Vacaction Blues

by Cameron Lorenc

Today's articles discuss a pacemaker for the brain?, increases in self-injury behavior, and dealing with the blus following a vacation.

WGBH/Boston – WGBH News – Could A 'Brain Pacemaker' Someday Treat Severe Anorexia 11

Depression And Anxiety Could Be Fukushima's Lasting Legacy. Many people who get anorexia recover after therapy and counseling. She's been maintaining a healthy weight, and she's less depressed.

Self-injury behavior appears to be increasing, puzzling researchers – Health & wellness – The Boston Globe 10

A Swiss army knife was her tool of choice, but when that was not available — when, for instance, she was hospitalized for depression — Julie would use what she could find.

The Union Leader – Dealing with the back-from-vacation blues – New Hampshire NEWHAMPSHIRE02 10

“There have been a few times over the years that I've had people come to me as a psychologist specifically because of feelings of depression which they attributed to coming home from a big vacation trip,” said Carl Hindy, a clinical psychologist in Nashua.

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