“For most of my life, I avoided getting the help that I needed because I was convinced that no one could really help me. But I was delightfully surprised when I met Cameron. What I thought would be the same deficiencies I usually see in the world turned out to be a rich abundance of understanding and answers. He is an excellent counselor and this is the best gift I have ever given myself.” – LF (Colorado Springs)

“My son struggled in school every day. As a matter of fact he was staffed two years in a row and had seen a counselor before we were referred to Cameron. Amazingly he got to the root of the problem in just three sessions. It’s been six years and my son is still doing well” Mrs. SJ

“Cameron explained our family system to us. This wasn’t one person’s fault or problem. It’s still tuff raising teenagers sometimes but it’s workable now and we enjoy our time together.” MBW

“Finally, someone got to the real stuff. It has made such a difference for me.” Ms. NP

“Cameron explained EMDR to me. It took me a while to face my past again. When I realized I was pretty much dealing with it almost daily, I decided to move forward. I am so glad I decided to take this step. I don’t even think about it anymore.” Mrs. CJ

“My experience in the Gulf War has taken it’s toll on me and my family. I’m finally understanding and making progress with so many things in my life. I could tell that Cameron knew exactly what I had been through.” Sgt. L

“I was resigned in believing I would always have those nagging thoughts and memories my whole life. I can think about other things now, and I don’t have the nightmares either.” MJK

“Mr. Lorenc’s approach to relationships has improved my rapport with my staff and probably saved my marriage.” SP (Denver)

“Cameron helped me effectively navigate through a very sensitive process with upper and lower management. Very helpful.” DN (Colorado Springs)