Six Tips for a Successful Counseling/Coaching Experience

  1. Know what you are looking for in an effective personal coach or counselor. There are many counseling theories and styles.
  2. Don’t accept a counselor who doesn’t have satisfactory experience and success with your therapeutic goals.
  3. Don’t assume every professional has the training and/or experience needed for your situation.
  4. Personal success COACHING is a strength based program designed toward positive personal improvement for youth. If things are good at home, school or work for your adolescent, and you would like them to get even better, an effective nine to twelve week program will be an excellent way to jump start a learning experience.
  5. If your choice of personal coach or counselor doesn’t work out, ask for a referral to someone who better fits your needs.
  6. If things are bad right now, don’t wait for it to get worse. Things can actually get better.

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Think about it… The right coach or counselor can help you and your family.