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Mental Illness | Personal Account | Risks Associated

  by Cameron Lorenc I have two articles here today about Mental Illness.  One is a first-person account and the other discusses risks associated with mental illness.       Psychology Today – Grateful for the Experience of Mental Illness – Psychology Today ago This is the other side of (psychotic) depression, borderline personalityContinue Reading

Depression | Depression and Axiety after Preganancy |

  by Cameron Lorenc Some interesting stories about depression here, including a report that anxiety may be more common than depression after pregnancy.   Do you know your facts on depression? – Stevenspointjournal Do you know your facts on depression?StevenspointjournalFalse: Children who develop depression often continue to have episodes as they enter adulthood. 2.Continue Reading

Relationship Problems | Colorado Springs Couples Counselor

  by Cameron Lorenc How are your relationships doing? If you are experiencing problems, this article may be of interest. How Contempt Destroys Relationships | Psychology Today   http://www.psychologytoday.com3/4/13 What is it about contemptuous reactions that makes them so poisonous? By Susan Heitler, Ph.D….  

Relationship Anxiety | Couples Counseling

  by Cameron Lorenc Are you feeling anxiety about your relationship problems?  Check out some articles and videos about anxiety.  I can help you with couples counseling in Colorado Springs.   Anxiety Anxiety (also called angst or worry ) is a psychological and physiological state characterized by somatic , emotion al, cognitive , andContinue Reading

Depression treatment | teen depression |

  by Cameron Lorenc Here are some slide presentations concerning depression which can affect everyone and cause relationship problems.  I am available for counseling in Colorado Springs if you need someone to talk to about this.   Mood Disorders:Depression and Suicide Mood Disorders:Depression and Suicide             Brain Chemistry And TheContinue Reading

Social Media Anxiety | Anxiety Relief | Colorado Springs Counselor

  by Cameron Lorenc Anxiety is present throughout our society in many ways.  Now, it appears that some people have social media anxiety disorder.  What do you think about it?  If you are interested in talking with someone about it, please contact me. Anxiety   'Social Media Anxiety Disorder': Signs That You Might Have ItContinue Reading

Relationship Problems | 3 articles |Colorado Springs Counselor

  By Cameron Lorenc Relationships are important and relationship problems can cast a cloud on many other areas of life.  We have three articles today about them. If you need a couples counsler in Colorado Springs, then feel free to contact me.   Teens with Learning Disabilities Benefit from Closer Relationships … http://psychcentral.com3/2/13 Many kidsContinue Reading

Anxiety | Bullying | PTSD

  By Cameron Lorenc Bullying is something that is common in the news.  Anxiety in teenagers is a problem and bullying doesn't help.  We have one article on that and then an aritcle on a Vet getting a PTSD service dog to help him.   Vet receives PTSD service dog – News and Information –Continue Reading

Education | Children

  By Cameron Lorenc This is an interesting talk about building a learning lab, where children can explore and learn from each other. Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud Onstage at TED2013, Sugata Mitra makes his bold TED Prize wish: Help me design the School in the Cloud, a learning lab in India,Continue Reading

Relationship articles | Couples Counseling Colorado Springs

  by Cameron Lorenc Today's article subjects include online relationships, complicated relationships, age-gap relationships, and success in relationships. Are Online Relationships Healthy for Young People? – Huffington Post (blog) Are Online Relationships Healthy for Young People?Huffington Post (blog)More and more these days, young people are establishing and maintaining relationships online. These "cyber" relationships oftenContinue Reading