Web-325131-1Clients have been telling me for years that their spouse won’t go with them to Marriage Counseling. Sometimes it’s because they have already been and say it was “a waste of time” and they won’t go back. More often than not it’s because they don’t believe that “talking about it to a stranger” will change anything. If you want your spouse to attend counseling, ask them to come with you to see me ONE time! You will be surprised when they agree to return.

I utilize a very effective approach to identifying core issues as well as a direct, no-nonsense approach to quicker problem solving. A number of my clients have commented over the years that they learned more in their sessions with me than all of the sessions with previous counselors combined. It’s absolutely rewarding to see couples create a marital relationship they never imagined. Unfortunately not all counselors are equipped to provide effective relationship counseling.

I offer unique insight and interventions for marital problems, with excellent results when both parties are willing to consider change for the better. For nearly eighteen years I have been serving hundreds of individuals, professionals, couples and families in a variety of settings. Many of my clients have expressed appreciation for not wasting their time and providing fast, effective results through education and providing helpful therapeutic tools that can benefit them for a lifetime.

I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and I have been licensed in the State of Colorado as a Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) since 1995. Prior to that, I worked with families and their children in a number of professional settings. I am located on the north end of Colorado Springs just off I-25 near Interquest Pkwy and Voyage Pkwy. I think you will appreciate the comfortable upscale office with plenty of convenient parking.

If too much of your day is consumed with problems associated with relationship issues, couples problems – or if tension has replaced kindness in your marital relationship, don’t wait until the differences drive you further apart. Call or send me an email to at least get some of your questions answered.

Don’t wait for things to get worse. They can actually get better – sooner than you think!





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