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by Cameron Lorenc

Today's article subjects include online relationships, complicated relationships, age-gap relationships, and success in relationships.

Are Online Relationships Healthy for Young People? – Huffington Post (blog)

Are Online Relationships Healthy for Young People?Huffington Post (blog)More and more these days, young people are establishing and maintaining relationships online. These "cyber" relationships often arise because parents, out of fear for their child …


Complicated relationships – Stockton Record

Complicated relationshipsStockton RecordIf anything, it's made our relationships better. We see each other all the time now. More than usual." "It's really nice," Martin said. "We dated long-distance for two years. Now we're like an old married coupl …


Age-Gap Relationships: How Big is too Big? – Relationships: How Big is too Big? relationships can be great, it all depends upon what level you're at in your life. It's a well-known conception that men often mature later than women, sparking young …


Success In Relationships Part 2 – Boston Herald (blog)

Success In Relationships Part 2Boston Herald (blog)However, sometimes–often times–your Spirit draws in or creates some strife to clarify more clearly what it is that you DO want. And perhaps to bring more clarity and communication to the relationsh …



Texting affects relationships | Teen relationships

by Cameron Lorenc Is texting now a part of your life?  It certainly has changed many areas of how we communicate.     Texting takes its toll on human relationships – Lariat Saddleback College Texting takes its toll on human relationshipsLariat Saddleback CollegeCan texting really change our interpersonal relationships into intrapersonal relationships? It couldContinue Reading

Relationship News 3 articles

By Cameron Lorenc What do you think? Do you think having kids makes you more happy or less happy? Have you considered relationship counseling, couples counseling, or marriage counseling as a result of kids? Money, marriage, kids | Harvard Gazette news.harvard.edu2/21/13 There may be a formula for happiness after all, says Daniel Gilbert, Harvard professorContinue Reading